6 Juicing Recipes Everyone in the Family Will Love

Do you remember how your mother used to serve you an icy glass of orange juice for breakfast each morning? It turns out that your mom did know best, as we now know that adding fruit and vegetable juice to your diet is a terrific health idea. Luckily, we have some delicious juicing recipes that will have everyone in your family pouring a glass. Keep reading for some delicious inspiration.

Juice Is Good for Your Body

Drinking juice is a tasty way to include a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. You’ll find that it’s easier to meet the recommended daily serving of vegetables when you toss a wide assortment of fruits and vegetables into your juicer. Indeed, you won’t find a more time-efficient way to indulge in a bounty of fruits and veggies than you can by embracing the benefits of juicing.

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a leading proponent of drinking juice to improve health. He, too, suggests that drinking a wide variety of fruits and vegetables helps to ensure that you’ll receive a considerable amount of nutritional value. Dr. Mercola reminds us that juice helps to improve our (1):

  • Immune system
  • Potential weight loss
  • Energy level
  • Brain health

Avoid Supermarket Juice

Before you take an extra trip to the grocery store to stock up on juice, it’s essential to understand that experts like Dr. Axe don’t recommend you start indulging in store-bought juice drinks. Too many of the favorite juice brands found in a grocery store aisle are laden with sugar and artificial colors and flavors. Consequently, you don’t want to consume unhealthy ingredients when you’re drinking something that should be good for your body.

Make Your Juice

Store-purchased juice has its downsides. However, you can harness the nutrient-rich power of juicing by creating it yourself. All of us at Third River Health are enthusiastic juice fanatics, and we love trying out lots of healthy juice recipes. It’s amazing the array of yummy drinks you can create using a juicer and a bunch of vegetables and fruits.

Of course, when you’re first getting started with a juicer, it’s not a bad idea to get to know it by making very simple vegetable drinks. Pure ingredient juices let you practice with your new device along with delivering a few solid ounces of nutrition.

Directions: While we could give you a step by step, we’ve found everyone has different taste buds, so add the ingredients listed to taste, and enjoy!

Recipe #1: Dr. Axe’s Basic Vegetable Juice Recipe

Dr. Axe is one of our go-to people for juice recipe recommendations, and this vegetable juice is always a hit. This juice works equally well with Paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian diets. This recipe fills your glass up with vitamins along with a bright orange color.

Ingredient: 1 cucumber, 8 carrots, 1/2 lemon, 1 green apple. 

Recipe #2: Carrot Pear Orange

Talk about a simple recipe. This three-ingredient gem comes to us from Inhabitots, a sustainable parenting lifestyle blog, and it is sure to please even the fussiest little ones in your family. Mixing fruits and vegetables is a sure-fire way to tempt the taste buds of a toddler.

Ingredients: Carrots, Pears, oranges (try cutie oranges for a stronger flavor)

Recipe #3: Cherry Mango Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie

Kelly Roenicke created a breakfast-winner with this delicious smoothie. The anti-inflammatory properties in this drink make it a smart option as a pre-workout treat. We’re lucky to have an abundance of farm stands and markets from which to buy locally grown cherries. So, why not load the kids into your car and take a trip to a you-pick cherry farm? You can take the fresh cherries home for a smoothie treat and freeze the rest for another day.

Ingredients: Cherries, Mango, green apple 

Recipe #4: Grand Daddy Purple Juice

Who wouldn’t want to try purple juice? This drink comes with good-for-you ingredients, such as kale, beets, cabbage, lemon, and ginger. The mixture of flavors and colors works to create a visually-appealing juice that also helps to fight cancer and inflammation.

Recipe #5: Hot Pink Beautifying Juice

Since we’re trying a purple juice, we might as well recommend another stunningly pretty juice, the Hot Pink Beautifying Juice. Annie Markowitz is a huge believer in the healing power of kale, and she sneaks it into this delightful beet-based drink. The result is a juice that attacks inflammation and also aids the blood. Let’s face it, no one in your family will be able to resist this candy-colored treat.

Ingredients: Kale, Beets, carrots, lemon, apple, celery, ginger

Recipe #6: Immunity-Boosting Green Juice

Now that the kids are picking up their backpacks and heading into germ-filled classrooms, it’s a good idea to add a little bit of extra immunity-boosting foods to the family meal plan. This enriched beverage delivers ingredients that will help you fight off seasonal colds and other viruses. Along with vitamin C,  your family will get a substantial amount of vitamin B6, vitamin A, copper, iron, and magnesium.

Ingredients: celery, fuji apple, lime juice, spinach, kale, ginger.

We hope you’ll think about adding juice to your arsenal of healthy lifestyle choices. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to help everyone in your family to achieve optimal health. Please CONTACT us for more help in embracing a natural approach to healthy living.

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