8 Ways to Declutter Your Mind by Decluttering Your Home

There aren’t many people who would say that they don’t suffer from a busy or cluttered brain. The fact is most of our minds are so cluttered with unimportant things that we can’t think straight. So why wouldn’t they be when jobs, family, social media, and our cluttered homes. Yes, our homes, when cluttered, actually can clutter our minds to the point of increased stress and anxiety. Let’s learn how we can declutter your mind, and get your life and energy back.

What Are Some Psychological Effects of Clutter?

Do cluttered homes cause mental changes? Studies say, yes. So, what does clutter do to our minds?.


Stress is the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about clutter and how to declutter your mind. There are documented studies showing how people’s stress, and the related hormones, would increase when they had to spend time cleaning or decluttering.

Feeling Inadequate or Ashamed

Have you ever walked into your home and felt “down”? Your mind is reacting to shame you are feeling about the clutter in your life and the fact that you haven’t done anything about it.


Do you find it hard to relax and go to sleep if your bedroom is dirty? What is making it hard for you to relax and focus? Clutter. Even if you don’t think you are paying attention to it, your eyes are still seeing it, and your mind is still processing it. It is always “real” in your mind which can keep you from being able to focus. Remember, declutter your mind by decluttering your home.

8 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Clutter has a particular impact on us psychologically. Fortunately, there are ways we can begin to turn it around.

1. Get Rid of One Item Every Day for a Year

One thing a day. Getting rid of an item every day means you get to pick one article, just one, and get rid of it. Throw it in the trash or place it in a box to give to charity, but you only have to deal with one item each day and not your whole house. At the end of a month, you will have removed 30 unneeded items from your space, and in a year? 365 items. When you remove them, remove them.

2. Make a List of Rooms That Need it the Most

If you are wondering how to declutter your bedroom, making a list is a great way to start, just put your bedroom at the top of the list. Making a list is also a great way to figure out how to organize your home room by room. The trick is to create a list of every room in your house and declutter them one at a time. On declutter day, choose one bedroom and one room only. Declutter that room then stop. In this way, you will slowly tell your mind that it is ok to get rid of unneeded items as well as have a solid decluttering plan.

3. Fill the Clutter Box

A clutter box can be a box or bag but designate it for clutter removal only. On your declutter day fill up the box with things you don’t need. If there is any trash in the box, throw it away then take the box to the Goodwill and get rid of it. The day will come when you are unable to fill that box, and clutter will have stopped filling your mind.

4. The Closet Hanger Cure

This idea has been said to help people with a bunch of clothes weed out what they don’t wear. It states to start by hanging your clothes up with the hangers in the opposite direction. Once you wear something, return it with the hook in the correct direction. After some time this will show you which items you don’t wear that you can remove from your closet and your life. This closet hanger cure is a way of making the clothing in your home relevant to your real life.

5. Use Your Imagination

There are times when you can use your imagination to help declutter your mind, by decluttering your home. If you are having a hard time with an object, stand back and ask yourself a question about it like, “Is this something I would buy right now?” Asking yourself questions engages your mind to assist you with decluttering and helps break the psychological clutter circle.

6. The Three-Box Method

The three box method can be fun for the entire family. Minimizing clutter can be a strain, but it doesn’t have to be. Get three boxes and label them: Trash, Give Away, and Keep. As you start decluttering a room put all of the items that are “iffy” into one of the three boxes. When you do this, everything has been looked at and set accordingly. This one is great for kids as well, make it a game then follow through with the directions on each box.

7. The Triple-12 Game

The game is to look around for 12 items to put away where they usually belong, 12 things to throw away, and 12 items to donate. This can be a family game and a great way to decrease the clutter in your home.

8. See Clutter for What it is

Seeing clutter for what it is, is all about perspective. For example, when you look in your closet, look at it with the mindset of seeing clothes you don’t wear or clothes that don’t fit. These are items that are not relevant to your life and don’t need to take up space in your life. If you haven’t used it in a year, you probably don’t need it.

It is never too late to learn how to live with less nor learn how to declutter your mind. The world is noisy enough as it is, most of us can barely think. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can decrease your mental clutter by taking care of the clutter around you. If you would like more information on other ways to declutter your mind or if you think clutter is causing you stress or anxiety, contact us, let’s sort this out together. Don’t forget to reach out to us if you need help with organizing, we have a professional organizer that can come to you and rock your world (coming soon!)

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