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We had our wake-up call, now we want you you to have yours

We began our journey to health and abundance while looking for natural remedies for Crohn’s disease. While it hasn't been easy, it has been the wake-up call we needed to make drastic changes for not just our physical health, but mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and relational. If that sounds like you, come do life with us?

Our "Wake-Up!" Moment

A Crohn’s Disease Diagnosis

We got married in 2009 and life was busy. Danielle was working full-time as an RN on the night shift, whie also attending graduate school full time. Blake was a regional manager of a food & beverage franchise in Colorado.

Danielle started having severe abdominal pain and blood in her stool. After multiple doctor appointments, tests, and unanswered questions she ended up in the ER. At that time, they found an abscess on her intestine which later led to a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.

The immediate treatment was major abdominal surgery. Danielle had 8 inches of her small intestine and 4 inches of her colon removed. Directly after the surgery, she asked her Gastrointestinal doctor for any  recommended lifestyle and diet changes to assist in managing her Crohn’s disease.

He replied with a very surprising response that "there are no real diet changes." The feeling of being dumbfounded is an understatement. 

There has to be Natural Remedies for Crohn’s Disease

We thought for sure that what she ate, her levels of stress from family, school, work, and irregular sleep schedules played a role, but the doctor felt this was not important to address at this time. He explained his recommendation: an intense medication and the risk for cancer as a side effect.

Wait, that’s it? Really? What about her diet? Surely, there is more that we could do to help manage this. There just had to be natural remedies or holistic treatment options for Crohn’s disease.

Managing Crohn’s Disease

So Danielle began her journey investigating alternative options and started implementing them into our day to day lives.

It has been eight years and three children later, and Danielle has been successful at managing her Crohn’s disease without conventional medical treatments. Nope! No high-risk medications, and no further surgeries.

She is highly passionate about helping other autoimmune warriors learn about how to support the body and allow it to heal itself.  But she also strives to help people shift to a proactive approach for their health.

Wake-Up! Life Doesn't Have To Be This Way.

Enter: Third River Health

That’s why we created Third River Health. We know that you are looking for answers too or wanting to improve your health even if you don’t have major medical diseases. We know what its like to feel defeated by a disease or our health, not have confidence, and feel like no one is listening. We know what it’s like to not know where to turn. And if looking for natural remedies for Crohn’s disease could change our lives in this way (which ended up being so much more than just how we ate), surely your life can change too.

We are bringing you the resources you need to help you achieve abundance in your health, life, and relationships. There is no cap as to what you can achieve, and there is always room for more growth.

This transformation starts with your mindset.

Then your health and your home.

And lastly, but most importantly, your relationships.

Tell us- what is your "wake-up!" moment? What brought you here? And are you ready to do life with us?

We promise that we have your back, as a teacher, and there is a method to our madness. However, you will see that this is a whole new approach to your health and lifestyle and we know you will love the new you!

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