Generosity & Code of Ethics

One of the Companies that Give Back

Our Code of Ethics and Generosity Commitment

We believe money is not inherently good or bad, but it’s merely a tool to be used for good or evil. We, as the founders of Third River Health, choose to use it for good and generosity. We want to be one of the companies that give back.

We do this by engaging in giving and receiving on a regular basis. We want our kids, our staff, their families, our communities, our clients, biggest fans, and followers to experience the power of generosity too, and with no strings attached.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

Tony Robbins

30% Generous Giving

First and foremost we set generous giving aside before determining our budget for operations, marketing, savings, and salaries. This giving is our true joy and our version of, “digging canals to the nearby villages.”

We have heard it called good karma, good vibrations, positive energy, kingdom finance, Hebrew wealth, or spreading the love (whatever you want to call it is fine with us). We call it living on the Third River.

2.5% to Our Mentors

Gifts and experiences that bless our mentors. We have several: personal mentors, spiritual mentors, marriage mentors, parenting mentors, and financial/business mentors. Without them, we wouldn’t be who we are today.

10% to Our Community

We each have a responsibility to take care of our communities. We believe that the communities in which we play, live, and work is vital in our joy and quality of life. We give products to schools to make them safer and give money to local and national charities.

6% to Our “Family.”

By Family, we mean our work family. We value and appreciate each other for who each person is and want to love them accordingly. We use this money for blessing our work family with random gifts, vacations, growth opportunities and recognition to show our appreciation and gratitude.

3% to The Underprivileged

Some people need help. Sometimes we give a scholarship for a patient to continue a projected program. Sometimes we provide seed money to a business that is in line with our values and vision. Sometimes we send money to Africa or Honduras to empower 3rd world people to live on the Third River.

8.5% to our Fans and Followers

Giveaways and free stuff! Yep, we love and appreciate our fans and followers so much. We want them to experience some of the fantastic products and services that have enhanced our lives personally.

25% for Savings & Investing

These are reserves for unplanned predicaments as well as growth opportunities. We put this money back into Third River Health so we can dig more canals!

45% for Operations, Marketing, and Compensations

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