Meaning Behind the Name

Meaning Behind the Name

Based on Craig Hill’s Book, “Living on the Third River.”

The Living on the Third River story goes like this:

Three men were living below a snow-capped mountain each on a different fork of the river. Although the amount of water coming down each river was the same, each man had a different perception of the amount of water.

The first man lived in fear and built a dam in hopes of storing up as much water as possible. The damn provided security.

The second man, representing the consumer lifestyle, consumed as much of the water as possible and wasted quite a bit along the way.

The Man on the Third River

The man on the third river took what he needed, and wanted in moderation. He felt it was his responsibility to dig three canals per year to nearby villages to avoid waste and spread the love. Guess who found the most joy in life? Yep, the man focused on generosity.

This is our mission: to dig canals and bring life and resources to all we meet.

Welcome to Living on the Third River. We’re so glad you found us.