Another Reason to Love Pomegranate: It Helps Clear Blocked Arteries Fast

Do you know how powerful the fruit pomegranate is? Well, we’re here to tell you: It’s mighty powerful, that’s for sure. The pomegranate is not only a beautiful, flavorful fruit, but it’s also a healing and helpful fruit that can clear your clogged arteries fast.

What is Pomegranate?

The pomegranate is packed full of seeds bursting with flavor that can transform into dark red juice. This juice in and of itself has so many antioxidants that it might even be more beneficial than red wine or green tea(1). (We still think wine is terrific though).

In addition to the antioxidants within the fruit juice, it also has the ability to:

  • fight cancer
  • function as an anti-inflammatory
  • bring relief to joint pain
  • aid memory

Since there’s so much to talk about when it comes to the pomegranate, in this article, we’ll mainly focus on how it affects the arteries leading to the heart and how 100% pomegranate juice helps clear blocked arteries fast.

First, let’s talk about how those arteries get jammed in the first place.

How do Arteries get Clogged?

Clogged arteries is a condition also known as arterial plaque. The primary function of the artery is to bring blood rich in oxygen to your entire body. So clear arteries are a pretty big deal in our bodies since, without oxygen and blood, we cease to exist.

Arteries that function properly have smooth inner walls that allow the blood to push through with ease. Blocked arteries exist when a buildup of plaque occurs in the walls of the arteries. This plaque consists of:

  • cholesterol
  • oxidized fat
  • immune cells
  • cellular waste
  • fibrin (a blood clotting material)

When this plaque begins to build up in the arteries, the arteries respond defensively and release materials to fight against the plaque. Unfortunately, this can make the problem of clogging the arteries even worse at times.

This plaque can come from a variety of factors such as smoking, high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, inadequate exercise, obesity, and genetics.

When you have a body full of clogged arteries, danger awaits. Your limbs and muscles do not receive the oxygen and the blood necessary for good health. Clogged arteries can even lead to strokes, heart disease, and eventually death. So having clear arteries is vital for living and leading an abundant life. Pomegranate can help you have that life.

Juice and Cells

If you’ve ever had a pomegranate before or drank the juice of one, you most likely noticed how it felt like it dried out the gums and the roof of your mouth. The reason it feels that way is because it is disinfecting the cells and mucous membranes within your mouth. So if it does this to your mouth, you can bet it’ll do that to your arteries as well. We’re not just saying that (2).

In fact, the same cells that found in your mouth make up the cells in your arteries too. These are called epithelial cells, and they cover the entire circulatory system (3). So imagine the feeling you get in your mouth when you devour some pomegranate juice and project that image onto what is going on in your arteries–they are being cleaned and disinfected, removing the plaque buildup through the use of this incredible fruit.

As we discussed earlier, there are a few things such as high blood pressure and high LDL that can lead to the hardening of arteries which can produce considerable damage in an individual’s life. Let’s dive into how pomegranate juice directly affects some of the factors that produce blocked arteries.

4 Ways the Pomegranate Helps Clear Blocked Arteries Fast

Reduces Oxidative Stress

As we discussed earlier, pomegranate juice is full of antioxidants which are vital for clogged arteries. Oxidized blood lipids can cause heart disease. When the lipids oxidize, they build up as plaque on the walls of the artery which leads to clogging and harmed arteries. The antioxidants within the juice lessen the chance the blood lipids or LDL will actually oxidize. (4)

Fights Infections

The plaque within arteries can contain viruses or bacteria’s, which can lead to cardiovascular disease in general, and atherosclerosis in particular. Because of the viral and infection-fighting organisms that pomegranate juice has, it can help protect you from those organisms. A few of the illnesses that it can combat are Salmonella, HEP B, HIV, and Candida.

Combats Inflammation

Most health conditions, even ones not involving the heart, are related to inflammation. The qualities found in pomegranate juice have been studied and found to lower inflammation in leaky gut and heart activity. This can be beneficial to those dealing with diabetes.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Endothelial dysfunction is a condition where the inner part of the artery does not relax as it should. Pomegranate juice can bring healing to the endothelium while lowering the blood pressure in an individual. (5)

Choose a Pomegranate, Choose Health

It might not be a coincidence that the pomegranate juice has a color that resembles human blood (not in a disturbing, but a beautiful way), but also, when cut open, it also resembles the chambers of a heart. Coincidence or not, this incredible fruit is very effective in helping the cardiovascular system, especially the arteries.

We’ve seen that arteries can become blocked and unhealthy through a variety of things whether it’s lifestyle issues, such as smoking or a lack of exercise, a genetic disorder, or difficulties like high cholesterol or diabetes. Some are out of our control, while other factors can be impacted by our choices.

You have a choice and the ability to bring health to your arteries and lead a more fulfilling, healthy life. And you can do that through eating the delicious pomegranate seeds or drinking the juice. Pomegranate truly helps clear blocked arteries fast and provides healing to your arteries, which some people desperately need.

So why not choose pomegranate juice and start feeling and getting better quickly? If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed, feel free to reach out to one of us at Third River.

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