Detox Your Mind: The Power of Stress Resilience

Detox Your Mind: The Power of Stress Resilience

22 Day Online Program

Build Your Stress Resilience to Level Up Your Lifestyle

The only program that turns stress into your secret weapon.

Do You Handle Stress & Anxiety Well?

Imagine you hire the most qualified people to go on a mission over the Alps. They knew exactly where to go and how to navigate such territory... the only problem is, they are all out of shape and physically will never make it no matter how awesome the strategy is.

Now imagine your stress hormones are the qualified team navigating this busy chaotic life. And suddenly you realize your adrenal system & your stress hormones are not conditioned to keep running at the pace you have been. you might already have symptoms that are undiagnosed, or full blown disease. Your stress could be hurting you instead of helping you.

This program is going to train your mind and your body how to make stress your secret weapon.

If you're already stressed to the max or experiencing extreme anxiety and you came here looking for ways to manage your stress or searching for the keys to anxiety control, then hey friend, we’re glad you’ve found us.


We believe in working smarter not harder


In this program you will:

  • Address habitual negative thought patterns.
  • Rewire auto-pilot responses.
  • Build physical resilience against stress and anxiety to bust through it.


  • Super expensive coaches.
  • Adding hours to your daily routine.


One key element to the program is the “STOP+ Rise Method”.

The STOP + Rise Method is dialed to empower you in stress-filled moments, events or seasons.

...and it’s super easy to implement.


Learn how to make stress your friend to empower your body & mind.


Our 22 day program will guide you into a life of abundance and peace, day by day.  Take the next step & enroll in the exclusive Third River Online Program, Detox Your Mind: The Power of Stress Resilience.

Mindset is Everything

Stress isn't inherently bad.
Your response to stress determines the outcome.
Propel you forward? or wreak havoc on your body??

This program is going to train you mentally and physically for the stress filled marathon we all call LIFE. 

You will build physiological & mental resilience. 

How do we do this?

Well, if you’ve taken one of our other programs, you know that everything we do is experience based. 

At Third River Health, we believe that knowledge is simply just information but . . . 

WISDOM requires "on the job" training & experience.

The experience we provide for you is backed by science to give you the hope and tools you need to breakthrough your anxiety and stress.

In this program you will:

  • Be given the knowledge and the road map
  • Remove the roadblocks to get un-stuck
  • Be empowered to live the life you want to live

This isn’t for people who just want to hear HOW to overcome stress & anxiety.  Nor, is it for people who just want to hear HOW to live an abundant life.

Do stress hacks, really even work?

This is the ultimate stress hack that could give you years on the end of your life.

We make it easy for you to be consistent. So you can truly find reprieve, overcome anxiety & daily stress but you have to do the work. 

This program is only for those who are truly motivated to live a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Are you ready to take action and make a change for the better?

What to Expect

A breakdown of your 22-day Stress Combating Regimen

Powerful tasks to add to your daily routine to equip and level up your life

Time Icon

Actionable steps on how to become a master of self-talk awareness

Brain Icon

Learn the "STOP + Rise Method" to rewire your brain for success and productivity

STOPgo! Icon

Build & Condition Resiliance against stress in both your mind and Body

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Following the Program

It doesn't all end here

This is just the beginning. We have so much more for you and we invite you to dig deeper.

We want to walk through this journey with you. We want to help you remove the roadblocks from your life.

From health issues, to stress management, to hormone vitality, and mastering money - we are sure that you will find a breakthrough with our programs, unlike any others. The key is to address ALL the roadblocks so you can achieve your best health and live your BEST LIFE.

Want more than just online programs?

Join us for individualized coaching and come to our next:

  • Abundant Life Discovery Retreat

We think it's the perfect setting for 5 days of going deep together.

Picture This: An all-inclusive resort with a huge focus on identifying roadblocks, building relationships, relaxation, and finding identity but Third River style. (Which means good food. Really good, clean food!)

Our entire mission is to bring people into their true potential and help them live their best self.

Ready? We think you are.

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