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Just like us, you can rewire your brain, heal your body and set yourself on a new path of health, peace, freedom, hope, love, and generosity all through our new mobile community!

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Our Private Inner Circle!  The Third River Health exclusive membership community for people who want to live their best lives. Think “Mastermind” for your mind, body, heart, relationships, & finances where members enjoy full access to true health.

This is an inner circle of people for those who are seeking true health either to get rid of their disease or avoid it, and want the community support from each other to do it that is only a post or message away because let’s be honest...

No One Wins at Life Alone

Members of this community enjoy:

Full Access 

...to pursue true health together via our app, live group coaching calls, a member wall to post and ask questions, live steam events, discussion groups and courses, including:

Our personal support

... we share all the details on what we’ve learned and how to find your true self.


... like: How To Grocery Shop for Clean Eating” and “3 fun ways to squash limiting beliefs.”

ALL TR Exclusive Courses

... that will change your life. (Yep, all programs!)

Free program updates

... as we upgrade the content over time.

Clean-eating recipes

... our kids love.

Clean Living

... , Product recommendations, HOW-TO downloadables, podcasts and blogs at your fingertips.

Exclusive live streams from Top Health Experts

... with Third River Health Founders + expert special guests and live monthly Q&A.

Deep meaningful relationships

Inspiration + community support with each other!

Exclusive early bird registration

... for abundant luxury vacations (*Trip costs separate).


... available with Premium Membership!

  • “Finding the Root Cause” Coaching
  • Parasite & Heavy Metal Detox Coaching
  • Healing Mindset & Plan of action
  • Birth Control Detox Coaching
  • Sleep Coaching
  • “How to work with my Doctor on this” Coaching
  • “What do I do with my labs” Coaching
  • Financial Coaching
  • Generosity Coaching
  • Toxin-Free Home Coaching
  • Cancer Survivor Coaching
  • Identity & Core Values Coaching
  • Diet & Lifestyle Coaching
  • Stress Resilience Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Company Culture Coaching
  • Personal Motivational Coaching
  • Management Team Coaching

Say “Yes!”

to a New Abundance of Health

Yes! You can rewire your brain, heal your body and set yourself on a new path (that you pick!) of health, peace, freedom, power, love, and giving.

Inside you will find the tools to identify roadblocks, bad habits, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back - and the things that your primary care provider doesn’t have time to address.

That’s why we designed this private mobile community.

We hear you, we see you, and we love you. There’s so much more for us all as we grow and learn together.

Join the Inner Circle and say hello to life the way it’s supposed to be.

You deserve it and we’re so excited to walk alongside you!

Friends - let’s do this together.

It’s time to wake-up! Your life could be so much better...

 Way too often my patient’s are saying:

"I'm not getting any better."

"They just keep adding meds."

“I’m on 4-5 medications and even if my labs look ‘ok’ I don't feel any better.”

“It’s hereditary. I can’t control it.”

“The meds aren’t working.”

So We Talk About...

  • Gut health, sleep, stress & toxins.
  • Inflammation, epigenetics & hormones.
  • Past triggering emotional events.
  • Current relational health with kids, spouse & coworkers.
  • Mindset, movement, and detox.

And Then They Say:

“Why isn’t my doctor talking to me about these things?"

“I want to know how to truly get better and address the real cause, not just manage my symptoms.”

“Should my spouse & kids pay attention to these things, even though they are healthy?”

Why do some people crush it with their health?

Others are constantly struggling to avoid another doctor, another medication, another surgery?

Some of us feel plagued with chronic symptoms and no answers.

And some of us are searching far and wide to stay ahead of the future health issues & feeling our best.

I’ll tell you exactly what the secret is…


True Health is a skill to be mastered... not something I can write a script for.

We want to help you in this journey.

...and that's why we created the inner circle.

True Health
is a skill to be mastered.
Not something your doctor can write a script for.

My Family's True Health Journey

For the past 8 years, as I made the choice to manage my autoimmune disease without prescribed medications.

I have Crohn's disease.

...and since we were having kids, the strong meds weren't an option. I feel like I have been going at it alone- reading and trying everything I could find; books, research articles, asking experts in the space, trying different products, programs, and recipes.

I can’t tell you how many nights ended in just a fruit smoothie bowl after Blake failed miserably on a new recipe. Some of them were so bad we wouldn't even let our dog eat it.

We've tried everything.

So much time and money invested on testing safe and holistic alternatives to prescribed meds, trying safe alternatives to everyday (toxin-laden) food and home products, new supplements, online webinars with experts, and holistic programs. I wanted to know what actually works and which ones were just fluff. Do you wonder the same thing?

We've created and vetted solutions that are doable with powerful impact on our Families True Health!

...and ultimately, as a result, here are the current updates for all 5 of us:

Blake (my husband): His beard is finally growing back after most of it was falling out from stress and toxins. He has gone from 240 to 185 lbs (He’s only 5’11”). No more anxiety attacks he's sleeping 8 hours again and his slipped rib is finally back in place, no longer causing inflammation in his back.

Teagan (my 7 year old boy): He’s sleeping so much better because his post nasal drip is nearly gone. He hasn’t complained about his “allergies” in months and the dinner table is full of laughs, as it should be, instead of sounds of Teagan clearing his throat and nose in between every bite.

Kaybree (my 4 year old girl): Her “tummy hurts” issues.. {Ahem} major loud and smelly gas... has been identified! Now we know how to prevent it.  She’s now asking for tickle fights instead of bed time.

and Caleb (my 2 year old): Well, he’s only 2, so luckily he hasn’t had any major problem. So I’m happy to report he hasn't had any issues other than a broken collar bone. (Boys!)


I am in tune with my body more than I have ever been. I have been able to avoid constant major diarrhea, anxiety, gut pain, all while keeping a healthy weight and avoiding dangerous meds. Do you know how much energy that frees up to pour into my passions and my family?  No words can describe it. 

Why? Two words... Inner Health.


Not to mention, our marriage is in the best spot it’s ever been; we are living more of an abundant life off 30% of our current income rather than 90% of our previous higher income, because of generosity, and I feel like we are actually able to live life together on our terms instead of constantly reactive & defensive with all the stresses of life.

Two more words... Outward Health.

This true health is a direct result of the major trial & error of finding our TRUE inner and outer health over the past 8 years. And after listening to all of our followers and what they want, we came up with a solution for you so it doesn’t take 8 years and spending over $30,000 to find out what works and what doesn’t, and a lone-wolf journey, like me, to get there. But first:

What is True Health?

There are 2 overarching umbrellas to true health.

  1. Inward health which is an optimum function of mind, body, and heart
  2. Outward health which is well-balanced giving and receiving of love, knowledge, time, and money

And we believe when one is engaged in the growth of inward health, it produces a compelling drive for connectedness and contribution to the world around them.

Ready? We think you are.

Choose your investment level: 



Base Membership


$300 charged annually (Save $168/yr)

Premium Membership


$708 charged annually (Save $465/yr)
*Includes monthly live group coaching calls!