6 Reasons Why Traveling as a Family is Important

The truth of the matter is that we’ve become weak to the temptation of instant gratification. Cheap pleasure, both monetarily and figuratively speaking, is now a click of a button away. We miss out on many opportunities and learning experiences because of the accessibility of instant gratification. Perhaps that’s why we love family traveling so much. Perhaps that’s why we find ourselves thirsty for it.

Travel is one of the best ways to fight back against these tendencies and one of the few areas where we are forced to engage with opportunities that refine some of the skills that begin to erode with the advancement of technology.

That’s why traveling as a family is so important. But setting aside time to travel, planning an itinerary, and saving up money to execute a vacation takes time and work. This is in stark contrast with how we currently live our lives because you are not instantly rewarded for your efforts. Here are a couple of thoughts for why the return on investment might be worth your while.

Family Traveling Escapes Routine

Socially, we tend to envelop ourselves into a construct that yields routine. Day in and day out we do close to the same thing. Repetition brings on an overwhelming sense of pointlessness. Life is ripe with an existential crisis. Giving yourself new experiences is key to not falling victim to the mundane.

This is why, on a smaller scale, social outings throughout the week are important.

This is why living outside your comfort zone is encouraged.

Being deliberate with your actions can be the difference between feeling like time is slipping away or being engaged in every moment. You’re allotted vacation days specifically for a change of pace. It’s not a pleasantry, it’s a necessity; and your kids need it too. Our kids, all of our kids- need family traveling. Whether it’s to the local library or the Swiss Alps.

Family Traveling Eliminates Stress

Simply being alive induces stress. That’s part of the absurdity of life. Present day, our stresses aren’t immediate dangers, but an overabundance of stress can be a health hazard. Falling behind on our responsibilities or feeling the weight of what’s to come piles on the stress and creates anxiety. Anxiety can be debilitating, and the only real way to rid yourself of it is to dissociate from it.

Breaks are good for your mental health and should be taken. They keep you focused and feeling refreshed. They’re built into your workday for a reason. With mental health awareness skyrocketing, there’s never been a better time to think about how you might begin to eliminate some stress, and family traveling is a great way to do it.

Family Traveling Makes Memories

Memories play a big role in what kind of emotions you associate with experiences, and family is, above all else, an experience. Vacations give your family ample opportunity to have new experiences with each other and create memories you wouldn’t normally make back home. These memories go on to define who you are because of how you’ve experienced life. The moments traveling with family are not only good for growth but are foundational in how your children experience and value family.

Family Traveling Creates Lasting Bonds

All of the information you gathered as a child helped to establish how you see and feel about your family. This is why family time is truly important. It wasn’t just some gimmick to get you to hang out with your parents. There are a lot of flashing lights out in the big world that draw your family thin. It’s crucial, even if forced, to have time set aside to bond and build a relationship with your family, as a family.

Creating different opportunities to bond not only keeps the idea novel to your kids but it plays a vital role in cementing life-long relationships. The best families aren’t merely born into relation. They work at it just like you do with friends and partners. That’s why traveling together is important. It creates an incredible reinforcement of family through unique bonding moments.

Family Traveling Gives Real World Experience

Having the opportunity to experience a world outside your own is far and away the best thing you can do for yourself. Many people express their highest regards for the trip they took in their early 20s. You often hear how crucial it is for your development as a person to live in somebody else’s shoes. Still, people often shrug off opportunities to travel as well as its importance.

Traveling with your family gives both you and your children moments to grow as individuals. You’ll see places of the world you’ve only seen in pictures and possibly meet people of the world you’ve only heard about in books. You may experience heartbreak in what you find.

You may grow with empathy and understanding. All while experiencing wonder and amazement. The wide world has so much to give, and experiencing even a small portion feeds the imagination ten times over.

Family Traveling Creates Learning Moments

Communication and relationship building, problem-solving, and dealing with adversity. These are abilities that were once well practiced. It’s no exaggeration that these days kids feel uncomfortable calling in to order a pizza. Being confronted with another person who has their own perception of the world and can react in real time is a real problem for people in today’s society. Knowing how to problem solve and use logic is falling to the wayside with every google search.

Traveling is a great way to immerse your family back into dealing with these experiences again. Travel is rich in communication with each other and strangers. You want your kids to learn how to adapt and become comfortable with adversity? Look no further than travel. Problem-solving is bountiful. These are gifts that won’t get thrown out as they get older.

In the end, it’s much easier said than done. It’s also important to note that you don’t have to fly across the globe to get the most out of the experience. A weekend adventure is lush with everything described and more. Big or small, traveling with your family can be a cornerstone. The holiday season has family at the forefront of the mind and resolutions are just around the bend.

Whether it’s hopping in the car this weekend, gifting a trip this December, or beginning to crunch the numbers for a summer getaway, it’s time to start making traveling with your family a reality.

Now, go and enjoy your family!

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