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Wake-Up! You Deserve So Much More.

You deserve to be happy & healthy. Yes- you! We know what it's like to feel out of control from a new diagnosis, relationship issues, unanswered health questions, or unwanted surgeries. We know what it's like to have a doctor tell you there's nothing you can do so you might as well accept it.

But can we tell you something? That's not true! There's always something we can do and at Third River Health, we believe true health and healing starts with a holistic approach not just to your body but first- and foremost- to your mind and heart. And from a healthy mind and heart comes the physical health you need. 

That's why we created our "Two Umbrellas to Optimal Health" model- because we truly believe that you cannot even begin to focus on your physical health if you haven't yet taken care of your mental and emotional health.  

If you're not even sure where you need to start- REACH OUT TO US. We deeply care and understand that not one person and situation is the same. We're happy to get to know you and set you on a journey to healing. 

Third River Health's Two Umbrellas For Optimal Health

1. Inward Health

Inward health is the optimum function of the mind, heart, and body. And when all of these things are at their healthiest- they pave the way towards optimal OUTWARD health. Let's look at how we approach inward health. 

  • Mind: Optimistic Growth Mindset: Thinking positively and critically hereby establishing the engagement of new neurological pathways through challenge and learning. This means no more negative talk, no more "I can't" but instead, "I will," and taking power over your thoughts so they no longer have power over you. This is total knowledge and respect of self.
  • Heart: Define Core Identity & Core Values: How do you know what your core identity is? What about your core values? Well, we have programs and courses to help you figure those out. Identifying these is, in a sense, identifying who you are and what you stand for. And once you really know who you are- you can learn to respect and honor yourself. 
  • Body: Disease Identification & Prevention: Did you know that more people in the US are struggling with chronic health issues, than not? Life is not supposed to be that way! And modern medicine, even with all it's life-saving advancements, still struggle to get to the core of our diseases and health issues- and instead, it often covers up the symptoms.  We want to get to the core of what ails you so you can truly HEAL.

2. Outward Health

Outward health is well-balanced giving and receiving of love, knowledge, time, and money which creates intimate families and communities, and generous giving. There are 4 pillars to optimal outward health: 

  • Love in, Love Out: Love in and love out means that you're able to freely accept others love for and of you, and that you're able to fully and freely love others without any walls, barriers, fears, or roadblocks. 
  • Knowledge in, Knowledge Out: It's healthy and important for us to be learning all the time. Whether it's improving on ourselves, creating new and better habits, or taking a course at the local university just for fun- we need to be learning. And likewise, with all that knowledge- sharing is caring! Being generous with your time, wisdom, knowledge, or skill-set not only benefits those around you, but it benefits you. 
  • Time in, Time Out: Time is our most precious commodity. And as the old saying goes- you can't pour into others if you're not full. That's why it's important to take time for yourself. Whether it's your weekly bubble bath, reading a favorite book with some wine, or a weekend getaway- taking time to rest and refill is vital so you can give your time to others. 
  • Money In, Money Out: We believe that we should take what we need to live a comfortable life- and anything left over should be generously shared or donated. 

You can do it!

All of our programs, courses, coaching sessions, One on One coaching,  and much more are based on these two main umbrellas for optimal health.

And the best part? You can have ALL of this at your fingertips through our exclusive community member health APP

And to embark on a journey towards total freedom and health is SO brave, so we want you to know that we are here and we care. We won't just lead you through this journey but walk with you in it. Side by side, hand in hand. Are you ready?

Just Imagine if All Your Roadblocks were GONE

How will healing from past trauma change your life?

Do you know people with past childhood trauma have a 70% increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease later in life? That’s crazy!
Instead of being a statistic- what if you could take control of the trauma, heal, and not have the rest of your life be dictated by that trauma?

How will building stress resilience change your life?

It’s been shown that those who view stress in a positive way are less affected (negatively) by stress. That means that just your outlook on stress, and not stressing over being stressed, can help you build “stress resilience” and use stress for your advantage. Pretty cool huh?

How will true, optimal health change your life?

Imagine your body working exactly how it is intended. Energy, strength, proper healing, relaxation, and a noticeable lack of chronic illness and disease? How does just that thought make you feel?
Will you play with the kids or grandkids more? With an abundance of true health, how will your life improve?

You guys - you can have abundance in all these things and more! But . . . how?

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