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Identify what's holding you back from feeling better.

Do you have Physical Pain, Stress, health issues, auto-immune disease, or Mystery symptoms?

To live your best life, you first have to know what to focus on - the key to begin health transformation

How do I identify the root cause of my heath issues? 

Take our online self-assessment.

This assessment will give you a launching point to start your healing journey.


"I really appreciate how Third River doesn't just stop at your physical health, but instead takes into account the whole person as they dive deep into your mental, spiritual, financial, relational and emotional health. Dani and Blake have put "care" back into the term "healthcare" and I cannot recommend them enough to anyone who is seeking answers."   -Breanna E

"Your materials and your presence in my life has been huge. You've provoked new thoughts and ideas. I want to live more like you. I want the world to love more like you do!! Keep up the good fight. I'm not the only one forever changed by what you're doing!"  -Emily H.

"So happy I chose to embark on this journey. Timing couldn't be better. . . . I know I'm on the right path, so thank you."     -Bobby M.

"Third River Health's program has helped me immensely in so many aspects of my life! I am a high stressed individual and I am now less reactive after their program and found new ways to navigate through stress management. Better yet, I've been able to build mental toughness! It gets me excited about what is next"     -Deserae G

Be Empowered and Achieve True Health

You deserve to be happy & healthy. Yes- you! We know what it's like to feel stuck, confused, and losing hope because you aren't seeing the outcomes you hoped for. 

We want to help you achieve happiness, confidence and hope for a healthy future. We do this by teaching you how to:

  • Support your body in ALL aspects of life to optimize health. If we don't address each element you won't see health transformation.
  • Implement strategies through experiential training exercises. Take action so you can leave the old you behind. 
  • Lower the stress and toxin burden on your body to address chronic cellular & mitochondrial dysfunction and remove inflammation to support TRUE HEALING.
  • Define your purpose and identify so you have clarity and confidence.
  • Build lasting and meaningful relationships.

Begin your journey to TRUE HEALTH today. 

Hello, we are Danielle and Blake. I am Nurse Practitioner, autoimmune warrior and professional development junkie who strives to empower others to achieve, prevent and maintain a healthy life.  Blake is my better half, truly! He is a killer speaker, experiential training coach and loves all things deep, purposeful and relationship related.

We began this journey as we questioned what does happiness, health and living a purposeful life look like?  How do we better ourselves and those around us, rather than simply drifting through life? We are on a journey of wholeness and invite you to join us. 

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