Life on the Third River

A Whole New Approach to Achieving a More Authentic and Better Self. Life in Abundance.

So... Are you Ready?

What if you could have abundance in everything you are and do?

Abundance in love, joy, finances, relationships, peace, health, and wellbeing? Well – you can. And we know you can because we’re achieving that.

We made the choice a while back to pursue a holistic style of wellbeing where the goal is abundance in all through healthy clean eating, getting rid of all toxins that filter into our lives and home; generosity, a new approach to finances that puts giving above all, travel, nurturing and building relationships, and so much more. 

How it Works

We are here to start the journey to align your soul with your passion and vision.

This journey is multifaceted as we need to address where you are now- your health, your diet and lifestyle, your money, your relationships and how you view this world.

It starts with a conscious mind and a willing heart to dive deeper into whom you are, finding your identity and your authentic self. Our society is caught up in an all-consuming race to find meaning in money, success, fame, and more things. However, in that process, we lose who we are, take our health for granted, and assume money will provide us the life we want. However, this is a lie!

We are removing the power and fear that this lie holds. We are going to equip you with steps to remove the roadblocks and dysfunction from your life and build a new foundation to create harmony.

How Can You Start This Journey?

  • Online programs
  • Private Member Access to Third River Community
  • Webinars (coming soon)
  • Luxury 5-7 day Abundant Life Vacations to experience life on the Third River and live your authentic self

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