Wake-Up! To a Life of Abundance

Achieve abundance in life through clear purpose, meaningful relationships, and intentional generosity while no longer being held back by a scarcity mindset, chronic disease, and fear.

Let’s Imagine What a Life of Abundance Looks Like

How will healing from past trauma change your life?

Do you know people with past childhood trauma have a 70% increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease later in life? That’s crazy!
Instead of being a statistic- what if you could take control of the trauma, heal, and not have the rest of your life be dictated by that trauma?

How will building stress resilience change your life?

It’s been shown that those who view stress in a positive way are less affected (negatively) by stress. That means that just your outlook on stress, and not stressing over being stressed, can help you build “stress resilience” and use stress for your advantage. Pretty cool huh?

How will abundance in health change your life?

Imagine your body working exactly how it is intended. Energy, strength, proper healing, relaxation, and a noticeable lack of chronic illness and disease? How does just that thought make you feel?
Will you play with the kids or grandkids more? With an abundance of true health, how will your life improve?

You guys - you can have abundance in all these things and more! But...how?

Manifest Abundance in Life

At Third River Health we desire for all to experience abundance in every aspect of their lives. For this abundant life to manifest we believe that true health must be pursued and activated.

We believe there are 2 overarching umbrellas to true health:

Inward Health

Inward health is the optimum function of:

Mind: Optimistic Growth Mindset

Thinking positively and critically hereby establishing the engagement of new neurological pathways through challenge and learning. Knowledge of self.

Heart: Define Core Identity & Core Values

Living from your core identity and values.

Body: Disease Identification & Prevention

Feeling your best physically

Outward Health

Outward health is well-balanced giving and receiving of love, knowledge, time, and money.

Intimate Families and Communities  | Generous Giving

Love in Love out
Knowledge in Knowledge Out
Time in Time Out
Money In Money Out

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